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Marty Mouse
Bangkok (Thailand), December 6th 2008

It is around 9:30 pm when we are laying under the nice and warm quilt in our small room in the Kha Yai National Park in central Thailand. Although we are in the middle of the national park, the accommodation is more than sufficient. It isn’t exaggeratedly luxurious, but it is comfortable enough. At least for us it is. Apparently, more have had that same thought. After a few hours of sleep, an intruder shows up, who also wants to stay in our room. It is a small rodent with shiny black eyes and a long tail. Because he wants to settle himself permanently in bungalow 407/1, he wants to make it himself as comfortable as possible. He gathers the plastic packages of the little soaps provided to make him a nice nest and he gnaws at the closet and the legs of the bed. Moreover, he races across our bedside tables in search for food and nesting material. Proven methods like clapping with our hands and putting the light on and off, only work partly. Silence is there for a short while, but soon the intruder makes himself heard again. We let him fool around and we pull the quilt a bit more over our ears. Our thought is: when you are really tired, you should fall a sleep anyway.

After half an hour of sleeping lightly, we feel our quilt moving. When Edwin peeks over the quilt’s edge, he sees the mouse parade confidently over our quilt. Ivonne isn’t fully awake yet, so Edwin decides not to say anything about our bed companion. It doesn’t have any use to spoil her night’s rest even more. We aren’t afraid of mice, but then they should keep an appropriate distance, don’t come too close and don’t make too much noise. The latter isn’t according to the plan of our mouse. In a jumble, he races on full speed through the room. Especially when he walks over the metal parts of the mosquito screens, it seems as if an express train runs through the room. When we get up at 6:00 am for a day of walking through the national park, we aren’t as fit as we hoped to be. We wash our face with cold water and close the door behind us, but obviously not before we have wished Marty Mouse a nice day.

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