About Babakoto.eu

The main goal of Babakoto.eu is to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the different countries / destinations on our planet. People often have a one-sided understanding, based on a one-time happening in a country, a (natural) disaster or a regime that had bad reports in the news. That is a pity because every country has its own charm and is often a beautiful, fascinating and adventurous destination. Babakoto.eu hopes to nuance the understanding by providing information that goes beyond the information that you will find in the daily news. Remember that in every country, everywhere in the world, most people are like you and me. They are also busy with building up a safe environment for themselves and their children. These people deserve a more nuance understanding.

Babakoto is passionate about travel and wants to motivate people to travel themselves. Traveling causes a more complete and nuance understanding about what's going on in the world. And this better understanding is the most important ingredient for tolerance towards others.

Babakoto.eu is a website on where you will find background information in the form of articles and photo presentations about all kind of destinations. Babakoto.eu differs from other travel websites in the sense that Babakoto.eu's main focus is more profound background information in stead of practical travel information and information about typical tourist destinations. For example, you will find articles about society and conduct, portraits of people and organizations, public transport experiences, flora and fauna, etc.

Babakoto.eu wants to share her knowledge and experiences with others. All content of this website is freely available for everybody, taking into account some conditions (read the conditions here). Besides that, you can contact us at info@babakoto.eu for custom made projects like articles, seminars, photo presentations and columns. To preserve the speed of the website, the size of the pictures are limited. If you need a better quality copy of the picture for publication, please contact us.

Babakoto.eu is an initiative of a married European couple (Ivonne (31) & Edwin (38)), both having a university degree in economics. After working for years as manager/consultant, they decided to say goodbye to their settled life in Europe and to leave for a long journey through the world, starting somewhere in 2007. Their experiences will be published on this website.

Ivonne and Edwin have gained relevant travel experiences during their journeys to countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. They travel always individually and low budget because they believe that this is the way to really experience the country. It is the perfect way to meet local people and get the most out of your visit.

You can contact us at: info@babakoto.eu

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